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Lease Products

We offer both operating lease and capital lease structures depending on the client's specific credit stage and funding requirements and the type of equipment being purchased. We provide leasing solutions for most capital equipment needs and we can quickly service transactions from $100,000 up to $1.0 million. Typically, we are the first to provide institutional lease financing to many of our clients.

We can establish a master lease line of credit up to $1.0 million for current and future equipment acquisitions over a 12 month period. We pride ourselves on timely and professional service. We get to know your company and we will consult with you on what leasing product best suits both the cash flow and equipment requirements of the company. We are with you from the start of the lease to the end of the lease, and often time's clients have found that other services provided by our affiliate, Aspen Capital Group, are useful to their development.

We are reviewing transactions on a daily basis and have kept a pulse on the strengths and weaknesses of different industries with a specific focus on the technology and medical communities.


Technology Equipment

Switching Equipment
IP-Telephony Systems
Cad/Cam Systems
File Servers
Furniture and Fixtures
Office Equipment such as:
Workstations, PC Networks,
Laptops, Printers, Scanners


Medical Equipment

CAT Scanners
Laboratory Testing Equipment
X-Ray Equipment
Heart Monitoring Equipment
MRI Centers
Diagnostic Equipment
Research & Development Equipment